Monday, November 22, 2010

Easy No Sew Fleece Scarf (Make one with your child)

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My girls see me sewing and sometimes want to work on a project themselves.  We came up with this easy no sew scarf project that we could do together.
First, go out and by some snazzy fleece.  Joann’s has tons and tons of choices.
You will also need a cutting mat, rotary cutter, quilting ruler, masking tape, beads and an embroidery needle.  (I promise the needle is not for sewing.)

I laid the mat on the floor so that it would be easier for the girls to reach.

Decide on the length and width you would like for your scarf.  We cut ours 6” wide and 60” long or the width of the fabric.  For an adult you might want more length.  Fold your fabric in half matching up the selvedges.  Using your ruler, mark off a 6” strip.  Assist your child in cutting this strip of fleece.

With the fabric still folded, trim off the selvedges.  We wanted our fringe to be 4” long so I marked this point with some masking tape.  This will help little ones to know were to stop cutting.  Using your ruler as a guide, assist your child in cutting 1/2” wide fringe pieces.  If you leave your fabric strip folded in half, you can cut both ends at the same time.
Now you could leave your scarf just like this but we wanted to make ours snazzy so we added some beads.

Thread one of your fringe pieces at a time onto the embroidery needle.  (I did this part.) 

Then choose a bead and guide the needle through it.  (The girls were able to do this part.) 

Lastly tie a knot under the bead.

 IMG_6211 IMG_6216
Here are our finished girl and boy versions.

Viola!  You and your child made a cute little scarf together.


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