Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Stash Bash 2014



I little over a week ago I was lucky enough to get to attend The Stash Bash near Atlanta, GA!  It was awesome!  The Stash Bash is a casual and fun sewing retreat in a camp like setting.  I had such a great time!  This retreat was very different from Sewing Summit.  While I loved Sewing Summit very much it was a lot more go go go!  You have to move quickly from one class to the next and don’t get much time to socialize until the open sew time late at night. The Stash Bash in comparison was just open sew time with one optional class. 


It was great to really get to know the ladies at the retreat and to just be relaxed and sew, shop and goof off.


This is our awesome sewing room!



The mastermind behind this retreat is Chris Warnick aka Freckle Mama.  (FYI those would be Margarita cupcakes!)


Chris did such a fabulous job organizing the event and the swag that she and her friends were able to get for us was seriously OUT OF CONTROL!

Okay here come the pictures!


My roommate Kim and I.   We tried to get a decent selfie and not crack up and ended up having someone else take our picture.


We had just a “few” outtakes.  Smile  Kim and I met at Sewing Summit and it was fun to get to know her better.


I really loved hanging out with all of these ladies.  This is during the official “pajama party” but I’m not going to lie, most of us were dressed like this the whole weekend. Smile


Pouches filled with goodies for my roomate, my secret swap partner and our host.IMG_7080

Goodie bag waiting for me when I arrived.  Little did I know that this was just the beginning of the awesome swag!


Kira with Kim modeling her munki munki nightgown. (Soon to be transformed into a Super Tote!)


Dorking it up with my fellow Modern InstaBee Hive Five members, Lelsie, Kim and Karrie.  Hive 5 High 5!


We had a wonderful time shopping at this beautiful store, A Scarlet Thread.


We had a very “high stakes” gambling night with fat quarters of fabric as our chips.


I won pretty big!


The craziest thing happened at The Stash Bash.  I ran into Sonya, a sorority sister, from 20 years ago!  She is so sweet and even made me this awesome flag that is hanging in my sewing area.


The one optional class that I mentioned for the Sew Together Bag and was taught by Kristi of Schnitzle and Boo.  It is a really great bag and was fun to make even if I was so sleep deprived that a made a lot of silly mistakes.  I love it!


I even started and finished my MQG Michael Miller fabric challenge quilt top!  Woohoo.  The pattern is Playing Cards from the book, Modern Bee.

In a nutshell, The Stash Bash was awesome and I can’t wait to go back next year!

I will leave you with this PSA.


Margaritas do not help with quilt math!  Smile  Ha!


Happy Sewing!


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