Tuesday, July 24, 2012


And this would be why I don't sew when the kids are awake!
My stepmother asked me to hem some pants for her. Easy enough right? So I trimmed off some of the length, serged the bottoms, and folded up and sewed the hem. One problem, I never turned the pants inside out so the cuffs are folded up to the outside!  Ughhh!
Looks like I have a date with the seam ripper!
At least I get to sit outside and look at this cuteness while I seam rip!

 P.S. I'm posting from my phone so we'll see how this post turns out.

P.P.S. I ended up needing to go on my computer to move the photos around because they were all jumbled up.  They are still blurry for some reason.  Final verdict on posting from your phone: good in a pinch but not the best way to go! :)

Friday, July 13, 2012

Bucket Hats and Boys Shorts

I wanted to share a couple of cute beginner patterns/tutorials with you that are great for the summer season.  Truth be told, I actually made these last year but never got around to posting about them.  So here goes…


Bucket Hats


and Boys Shorts.  (Actually both of these patterns are great for girls or boys!)


The bucket hats were made using a pattern from You Can Make This.



They are reversible with patchwork on one side and a solid print on the other.  The pattern gives a really cool step by step technique for making the patchwork.  Even a beginner could do it!  In fact when my friend Caryn was learning to sew last year this was one of the first patterns that she tried.


The shorts were made using a free tutorial from Dana at Made.  Dana’s original tutorial was for pants and then she gives some simple steps for modifying them to be shorts.  How nice is that?!!!


Happy Sewing!


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Fourth of July Outfits

I hope that all of you had a very happy Fourth of July!  We had a wonderful time with family.  We had so much fun riding on granddad’s boat, playing at the beach, climbing trees, etc.



I wanted to share some of the outfits that I made for the kiddos.


I made 90 minute shirts for the boys.  (Please ignore the serger threads that I hadn’t cut yet.)  This is a tutorial from Made and it is super easy.  The boys wore these for watching fireworks on the beach.

IMG_1083 - CopyIMG_1085 - Copy

IMG_1106 - CopyIMG_1111 - CopyIMG_1094 - CopyIMG_1114 - CopyIMG_1118 - Copy



I also made these rocket shirts for the boys.


I used a few different techniques to make these shirts.

1. Freezer paper stenciling for the stars and space ship on the back of the shirt.

2. Bleach pen for the smoke.

3. Applique for the rocket.  This rocket ship pattern is from Crap I’ve Made.



I found this super cute and easy idea for flag shits for the girls.  They are a quick sew but I would recommend drawing your lines for the rickrack placement before you start to sew.  I tried to wing it and the shirt stretched and twisted too much and I ended up have to whip out my seam ripper on the first shirt.

We wore these shirts to the Fourth of July parade.




Happy 4th!


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