Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Moment of Silence

I'm sorry that I have been so neglectful of my blog but I have had good reason. I few nights ago, I was sewing some American Girl Doll clothes for my niece for her birthday and my sewing machine officially died! I actually cried. It wasn't that it was all that amazing of a machine but it was my first and it got the job done. Of course now I have all of these projects lined up and no machine! I have borrowed my mom's machine to at least make the tote bag I had planned to give my girls' teacher for the end of school which is in a week and a half. After that I will just have to save up for a new machine. Any suggestions? In the mean time, I wanted to share fun happenings on other blogs I have found.
Leah at Sew Spoiled will be finishing up her Weekender Tote Sew Along on June 5. Check out all of the great tote pictures on flickr!
Jona over at Stop Staring and... Start Sewing will be hosting a mini-series in June on how to convert an a-line skirt pattern into 2 easy pieces. Also check out her fabric shop at Fabritopia for sales on Moda fabrics and Michael Miller!
Lastly, I wanted to share about one of my new favorite blogs. You have to check out From an Igloo. There are so many great ideas and tutorials here and wonderful new posts every few days. Most are about sewing but she throws in cooking and other fun things too. I think you'll love it! I have already purchased fabric to make the One Hour Sundress for my girls.
So, hopefully I'll be able to get a new sewing machine soon and we'll be back in business. Don't forget to add a comment if you have suggestions for what machine I should purchase. Thanks!

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