Tuesday, July 24, 2012


And this would be why I don't sew when the kids are awake!
My stepmother asked me to hem some pants for her. Easy enough right? So I trimmed off some of the length, serged the bottoms, and folded up and sewed the hem. One problem, I never turned the pants inside out so the cuffs are folded up to the outside!  Ughhh!
Looks like I have a date with the seam ripper!
At least I get to sit outside and look at this cuteness while I seam rip!

 P.S. I'm posting from my phone so we'll see how this post turns out.

P.P.S. I ended up needing to go on my computer to move the photos around because they were all jumbled up.  They are still blurry for some reason.  Final verdict on posting from your phone: good in a pinch but not the best way to go! :)

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