Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Teacher Gifts/ Coffee Cozy/ Chocolate Dipped Oreos

O.K. I couldn’t decide on a name for this post. 

Sorry that I dropped off the radar for a little bit there.  As I’m sure all of you were too, I was super busy getting ready for Christmas.  I made some cute gifts but just ran out of time to blog about them.  Today, I will share with you a super simple teacher gift.

Can you guess what they are?


Coffee Cozies!


I used this very clear tutorial from  Pink Milk and Fairycakes.

The only change that I made was to leave the opening for turning at the bottom of the cuff.  It was just easier for me.

I put the cuffs around a coffee cup and then filled the cup with a couple of packages of hot chocolate and some chocolate dipped Oreos.  Yummmm!


The girls gave the cups as teacher gifts.

The class gifts were just the baggie of dipped Oreos.



Here’s what you will need for the dipped Oreos.

Chocolate mold, Oreos, chocolate melts of various colors, a microwavable container, spoon, baggies and twist ties.



Oh yes, and one cute boy playing with his train walking around and around the table!



Melt the chocolate on 50% power for a couple of minutes and stir.


Pour a little into each mold and place an Oreo on top.


Cover with a little more chocolate and refrigerate for 1/2 hour or more.  That’s it!  Super Yummy!



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