Friday, January 21, 2011

Tag Baby Blanket

When my boys were born, they were each given “Taggie” Blankets.  One of my boys has become super attached to it.  He has actually now taken his brother’s “Taggie” as well and needs to go to bed with both of them.  The other day, something horrible happened!  It was time for bed and we could only find one!  Now you would think that this would be sufficient but no he has to have two.  Well lets just say that it was a bit of a fiasco.  Fortunately, my husband, who seems to be able to find anything found the missing blanket the next day.  I headed out to Joann’s for supplies to make extra blankets to avoid this happening ever again.



There are many tutorials out there for these.  I will share how I made mine.  (FYI I have heard that the “Taggie” company doesn’t take too kindly to people selling these so please be sure to make them for personal use only.)


Fleece Fabric

Several pieces of ribbon.  ( I used both satin and grosgrain ribbon in mostly 7/8” width.)

Thread, sewing machine, etc.


Cut two squares of fabric.  These should be about 12 1/2” X 12 1/2” so that your finished squares are 12”x12”.  I was being stingy and wanted to get as many squares out of 1/2 yard of fabric as possible so I cut mine 9”x9”.



Cut a variety of ribbons to a length of 4”.

(Don’t cut your ribbon too long as babies tend to suck on these and they could pose a choking hazard.)



Place one of the squares right side up.  Fold the ribbon pieces in half and pin the raw edges to the edges of the square.



Place the second square on top with the wrong side up and pin.



Sew around the square using 1/4” seam allowance.  When you get to a corner make sure your needle is down, lift the pressure foot and pivot the fabric.   Continues sewing down the next side.  Be sure to leave a couple of inches open for turning.



Turn the blanket right side out through the hole you have left.  I like to use a chopstick to help turn the corners all the way out.  Topstitch around the edge of the blanket.  This will close up the hole that was left open.

Keep several on hand for emergencies!  :)



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