Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Runaround Bag Pattern Review


I just finished the Runaround Bag and I love it!  It is a pattern by the talented Anna over at Noodlehead.  This is a PDF pattern that is very easy to follow with lots of photos. 



I especially like the look of the bias tape trim.



I like how the bright yellow interior fabric contrast with the grey outer fabric.  I tried zip pockets for the first time too.  Anna makes it all so simple to do.  For me the pattern was worth it just to learn how to do these pockets.  “Oh so that’s how those are done!” 


I did make a couple of mistakes on this bag.  First of all, I was foolish and just grabbed the first interfacing that I found in my stash without looking at what I had grabbed.  Well it was Pellon 809 which is great for tote bags but really much too stiff for a slouchy bag like this. 

The second mistake I made was in the sizing.  I thought that the bag would actually be bigger than how it turned out.  I don’t know if I printed the pattern wrong.  I have printed many PDF patterns in the past and never had a problem.  I made sure that the page scaling was off.

I’m thinking that I just pictured it bigger than it actually was.  My finished bag was  13”  wide at the widest part and  10 1/2”   from the bias tape trim in the center to the bottom of the bag.  Let me clarify that it is plenty big enough for a handbag.  I was just hoping to be able to use it as a bit of a diaper bag as well.  My diaper bag is falling apart and I am just “over” carrying around a typical diaper bag since I have been doing so for 5 years now!  Here’s hoping that my boys actually potty train this year!



I would highly recommend this pattern!  It was very detailed and you will love your finished Runaround Bag!



  1. That's very cute, I like the pleat in the front.

  2. Love that design and the fabric you used is gorgeous!

  3. I absolutely adore this bag. You did such a great job and the fabrics are fabulous!

  4. great job. I do so love the yellow and gray. :) glad you liked the pattern.

  5. I have a few bag patterns that I am dying to try out. This looks great. I need to take a day and just sew. Thanks so much for sharing.

  6. Nice job! I made one of these for my sister for Christmas, and I love how it turned out ( It took me forever the first time through, but I think the next one will go much quicker.


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