Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lily and Thistle Paper Dolls

Are you looking for a unique and beautiful Christmas gift for a special little girl?  How about these adorable Lily and Thistle Paper Dolls.

I just love them and my girls do too.  Here they are receiving theirs last year.

They are totally customized to look like your little girl.  You choose the hair, eye and skin color as well as the hair style.  Your child’s name is even printed on the bottom.  She comes with a lovely pillowcase dress.

Then the fun really starts with all of the beautiful outfits that Hannah has created.  There are clothing lines for each season as well as Fairytale, Sports and Girls in Literature lines.  SO FUN!

Hannah also shares a great tip on her site about the Amazing Sticky Strip”.  It is reusable tape that you can place on your doll and just stick the clothes to her rather than using the tabs.  The tape can be used over and over again and if it looses it’s stick you can just wash it and it is good as new!  This made playing with the dolls so much easier for my girls.  It also helped when it came to cutting out the outfits because they could just cut the tabs on the clothing right off.  What a great idea!

Hannah also offers come cute freebies on her blog HERE.  Including this Mabel doll so that your little one’s doll can have a playmate!

Happy Playing!

P.S. There are also boy paper dolls and clothing lines so these would make a great gift for a little boy too.


  1. What a terrific idea! They look awesome. And the girls looks pretty excited.

  2. I love Hannah and her paper dolls! My daughter has them too. They are the sweetest things! Come link up with Creative Me Monday, if you haven't already. And enter the Mikarose giveaway while you're there!


    Hope to see you there!


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