Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Celebrate the Boy!


Celebrate the Boy


Whoo Hoo!  Today starts Celebrate the Boy month over at Made and Made by Rae.  It will be a whole month dedicated to the little boys in our lives.  Everyday, Dana and Rae will be posting wonderful boy ideas.  Lets face it, there just aren’t that many fun things out there to make for boys.  If you look back at my posts, most of the things that I make are for my girls.  I am really looking forward to making some fun things for my boys.  If you would like to be inspired too,  just click on the Celebrate the Boy here or on the cute button on the sidebar.

Not only will you be able to see all of the brand new ideas for this year’s Celebrate the Boy but you will see a round up of all of last year’s great ideas too.  Get ready to be inspired! 


90 Min. Shirt 1 90 Min. Shirt 2

I have been itching to make my boys this 90 Minute Shirt.  Now that I have more confidence sewing with knits, I’m so making this.  Have fun!


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