Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine’s Day Class Gifts


Happy Valentine’s Day! 


These heart crayons are really easy to make.  I discovered this really cute idea around Valentine’s Day last year.  From an Igloo has a tutorial here.   We have been saving our broken crayons for a while now.   



The hardest part is peeling all of the paper off.  We soaked them in warm water and got to work.



Next we broke our crayons into even smaller pieces and put them in our mold.  We had a silicone mold so I put a cookie sheet underneath so I didn’t have to worry about the melted wax spilling when I took them out. 


We set our oven temp. to 250 degrees.  The tutorial we used recommended leaving them in for 5-10 minutes.  We had to leave ours in for 20 minutes.  It might have been because I wasn’t using a metal tray.  Just watch them closely because you want them to melt enough but you don’t want all of the colors to run together too much and make brown crayons.


We have plenty of snow around here these days so we just set them outside to cool for a bit.



Pop them out and that’s it!


Next we made up some cute Valentine Coloring Books.


  IMG_7625 IMG_7627

Just do a search for Valentine’s Day coloring pages and you will find a ton of free ones to print out.



I used a small hole  punch and a twist tie to attach the crayons to the book.



We also made up some yummy snacks this week.


The girls baked some heart shaped cookies.  They were thrilled to decorate them with pink sprinkles.


 IMG_7583 IMG_7584 

The boys enjoyed our chocolate dipped pretzel rods.  ( I have to say that mommy liked these too!  That salty sweet thing gets me every time.)



Some of the blogs that I have been reading lately have been discussing how everything often looks perfect in “blog land”.  Everyone shows their best work and you never really get the whole picture.  While I was taking pictures of our crayons here is what was really in the background. 


That’s right.  That’s our Christmas Tree still on the front porch in February! 

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  1. Wow Charity I love your blog! So many amazing creative things--- and I love seeing pics of the kids- can't believe how big the boys are!
    love janet


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