Friday, June 18, 2010

Gift Ideas

I just thought I would share some fun gifts I have made recently. The girls had a wonderful year of preschool and I really wanted to thank their teacher. I decided a while ago that I would make her a tote like the one I made my mom for Mother's Day. You can find the pattern here. I wanted some "teachery" type fabric without making it look juvenile. I happen upon this really cute apple fabric and I really think it turned out cute. Since I now have some experience installing snaps, I used one in this bag rather than the button closer I used for my mom's bag. I really prefer it.

Last weekend, my nieces had a dance recital and I wanted to make them something too. For my younger niece, I made a couple of fabric covered button pony tail holders. They are easy to make and the button cover kit can be found at Joann's.

Next time, I think that I would use two layers of fabric as the metal button showed through a little. For my older niece, I used this cute idea from V and Co. to make a fabric bracelet. I have to say that this very simple project took me a while for some reason. However, I do like the finished product and can see myself making more to coordinate with clothes I have made for myself and my girls.

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