Sunday, June 27, 2010

Schoolhouse Tunic

I decided that it was time that I made something for myself.  I kept seeing great reviews for the Schoolhouse Tunic by Sew Liberated so I decided to give it a try.  The pattern is very clear and easy to follow.  I have become so accustomed to following tutorials with step by step pictures that I was a bit nervous about following a regular pattern.  The drawings and explanations within the pattern are clear enough that I didn't get stuck at all.  I thought that the sleeves might give me some trouble but they actually have a really clever way of doing those too so that you don't have to set them in.  Yeah!  So bottom line, would I recommend this pattern?  Absolutely!  Was the end result the best choice for my body type?  Maybe not.  From the front it doesn't look so bad.  From the side, you might think Ringling Brothers was coming to town.  Ugh!  This pattern allows for either a shorter shirt length version or a longer tunic length.  I tried the shorter version figuring  that the longer version would look like a lot of fabric.  Now I think that maybe the longer version might have laid a little flatter and not flared out so much. 
My girls reaction to mommy in this shirt cracked me up.  One tried to make me feel better when she could see that I wasn't so sure about it.  She said, "I like it mommy.  I think it looks good on you."  The other one took one look at me and said, "Mommy, are you SURE you want to wear that?"  Gotta love it!

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  1. I hate it when things I sew don't look any good. I've put a few skirts straight in the charity bin after making them - what a waste of effort.

    Would a ribbon/tie at the empire line help, or just make it look like a maternity top?

    Thanks for stopping by Cook Clean Craft!


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