Saturday, October 23, 2010

Daphne Dresses

I finally finished the Daphne Dresses for the girls.  Better late than never.  It’s not that these dresses are difficult.  I just kept getting distracted with other projects.  As a matter of fact these dresses are really great because you can purchase kits to make them and all of the cutting is already done for you!  How awesome is that?  I swear I usually take one night to cut out my patterns and don’t even get to the sewing until the following night.  Anyway, The Train to Crazy was sponsoring a sew-a-long for these dresses over the summer.  Click here to see her step by step instructions.  I finished these just in the nick of time as the girls were able to wear them for school photos.  This was the size 5-8.  My girls are big 5 year olds who normally wear a size 8.  These dresses are just fitting in the chest and arm area.  I think we can eek out a couple more months in them.  At least we have them documented in photos now.  If you want to purchased a kit for the Daphne Dress or several other cute dresses go to Oh So Sassy’s Etsy shop.


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