Friday, October 8, 2010

Da na na na BATMAN!!!!

IMG_5556I decided that it was time for another boy project!  The shirts were made using Freezer Paper stenciling.  I first discovered this trick at MADE.  See the tutorial here.  I have also posted about it previously here and here.   Basically you trace your desired stencil onto freezer paper (shiny side down). 

Then iron it onto your shirt and paint with fabric paint.


Apply two to three coats with dry time in between.


Then peel off your paper.  Lastly, put a piece of fabric over your design and iron to heat set.


That’s it!  Easy Peasy and now the boys have cool new shirts. 

I also came across this cute and simple tutorial for a bat mask at Living With Punks.  (I had a chuckle at this blog name because we call the boys the little punks!)  


This little super hero loved his mask!


This one, not so much.


Of course, if your little guy is going to be a super hero there is sure to be some running around your house.  I have found some nice comfy socks at Target but they only have the grippers on the bottom in the little baby sizes and those just don’t fit my guys anymore.  I thought that I had read somewhere that you could use fabric paint on the bottom to make your own grippies.  Then I found this tutorial at I am Momma Hear Me Roar!  Of course she got really snazzy and made neat pictures on the bottom.  I actually considered this and then realized that that would mean actually matching up socks.  Ummm… not going to happen in this house so I just did dots.


Now one thing that I did discover is that you want to use the Tulip paint that says SLICK and not PUFFY.  You would think that it would be the opposite but, the puffy paint just soaked right in and the slick paint stayed more 3D.


Now a word of warning!  If you happen to have two little super heroes in your house…

They may be sneaky and hide in the couch cushions!

 IMG_5578 IMG_5579

They may even start to wrestle each other in those couch cushions!

 IMG_5580 IMG_5581IMG_5583

Trust me that is not just a brotherly hug.  I think I see a bat bite coming on!


Then when they finally get all tuckered out, they may pretend to sleep under your couch cushions.  Complete with saying “Night Night” over and over and fake snoring!  I swear, when these two aren’t making me feel totally exhausted and overwhelmed they are pretty darn funny!

 IMG_5585 IMG_5587 IMG_5591   



  1. Your socks are great! My pictures cracked a little as they stretched, so your method is actually better. Thanks for sharing. Way to go.


  2. Those masks are great! Thanks for letting me know about them,and hopefully you can get the one punk to warm up to it! I love those shirts too!!!! What a good mom you are!

  3. I am a huge fan of freezer paper stencils. I have a gigantic roll of it under my sink. I need to bust it out and so some more projects.

  4. Batman! I've never thought of doing that one. Love it! Turned out great!


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