Friday, May 27, 2011

Using Your Silhouette to Make Freezer Paper Stencils

I love making freezer paper stencils.  Have you tried it yet?  In the past, I did it the “old fashioned” way by cutting out images with an exacto knife.  This method actually works very well.  See my previous posts HERE and HERE.  However, the Silhouette machine does speed up this process quite a bit. 


The girls wanted to do a “project” so I let them pick out which Silhouette shapes they wanted.  We cut the shapes out of freezer paper using the Silhouette.  Next iron the freezer paper to some shirts to make your own stencils.


IMG_1164 IMG_1163 

The girls did all of their own painting.  They were very excited about being able to make all of the decisions about how the shirts would look.  (paint color, shapes, layout, etc.)



Next comes the fun part!  After the paint dries, peel off the freezer paper to revel your finished artwork.





IMG_1185 IMG_1186

Lastly, model your new shirts!


Happy Crafting!


  1. What a fantastic idea! Would love for you to share this at my Summer Fun Fest Linky Party on Monday!
    Visiting from Someday Crafts

  2. What a fun project to do with your girls! This is going into our activity file for the summer.


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