Tuesday, July 27, 2010

In the Garden Dresses and Easy Zippered Purses

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I have been wanting to make my girls some “In The Garden Dresses” from the great tutorial over at my favorite blog From an Igloo (go check it out!).  I finally got them done just in time for a special event for my girls this past weekend.  They came out super cute and my girls really love the twirl factor!


I have to admit that I was a bit intimidated when I first reviewed the tutorial for this dress as it involved two techniques that I had never tried before, making a button hole and shirring!  I did a little research and taught myself how to do it and I think that it came out pretty nice!  I’m a bit proud of myself!


I’m not sure if any of you are familiar with the Fancy Nancy books by Jane O’Connor.  The girls had the opportunity to go to a book reading and signing this past weekend.  It was a “fancy” dress up event which is right up my girls’ alley.  They had a blast in their new dresses.  When I was in Joann’s last week, I noticed that they had some Fancy Nancy fabric.  I thought that it would be fun to whip up some purses for them and their cousins who were also attending the event.  I decided to try the Easy Zippered Purse Tutorial at, you guessed it, From An Igloo!  They came out really cute and the girls where really excited about them.

One of my girls immediately filled hers with jewels for the big event!  So cute!
 IMG_4420 IMG_4411
Here they are all dressed up for the “Fancy” Day!

Jane O’Connor even commented on their lovely dresses and Fancy Nancy purses!


The last thing that I wanted to share was a quick tip that I learned a couple of weeks ago for turning purse straps.
Sew a small piece of ribbon to one end of your fabric before you sew it into a tube.  Make sure it is a bit longer than your tube and tuck it into the middle near the fold.


  Then sew your tube right sides together as you normally would.  Now use your finger to tuck in the end with the ribbon sewn to it.


 Pull on the ribbon from the other end until your tube is turned right side out!


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  1. Oh we are HUGE Fancy Nancy fans over here. What a nice little pocketbook. Perfect for little girls. Great job!


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