Friday, July 16, 2010

Freezer Paper Rocks!


O.K. I really love freezer paper!  I had never even heard of it until I tried this tutorial on MADE for freezer paper stenciling.  I posted here about a grilling apron the kids made for daddy and here about some shirts that I made for my boys using freezer paper stenciling.  Of course the girls wanted some too.
  I cut out the  map of the island where we spend time in the summer and I let the girls do the painting themselves.
Now for the fun part.  Peeling off the paper to reveal the finished artwork.
They actually did a really good job and we got tons of compliments on the shirts on our first trip over to the island for the summer.  Thanks for the great tutorial Dana!
Of course we had to tie dye some of last years pink pants purple to go with the outfit!  This was a great way to get more use out of pants that were looking a little worn.

Then the other day, my gang was getting a little cranky with each other.  Summers are hard because the activities are fewer and farther between.  On those stay at home days they play nicely for a bit and then…..  On this day I needed a quick activity that would keep all four busy.  I remembered that I had just bought some finger paints and thought that would be fun.  The boys had never done it before and I knew they would love the mess.  Then I realized that I had no idea where the finger paint paper was.  I decided to give the freezer paper a try.  It worked really great and I’m sure it is much more economical.  I love this stuff!
The artists hard at work.
 IMG_4368 IMG_4369
IMG_4370 IMG_4371
 Our finished artwork.
O.K. so I thought that would be the end of this post but then I just discovered one more use for Freezer Paper.   You can use it to trace your patterns onto.  It is nice and sturdy yet easy to see through for tracing.  You could even skip the pinning and just iron it onto your material!
IMG_4394 IMG_4395

(I just recently discovered yet another use for freezer paper.  You can you it as stabilizer for when you sew on appliques!  Click here to see my post about it.)


  1. I'm a little confused. What do you mean, just iron it onto your fabric. Does it stick well enough to cut without pinning it down and if so, how do you get it off the fabric after you are done?

  2. Yes, you just iron. I usually put a couple of beach towels on my table so that I don't harm the table. If you had smaller pattern pieces, you could just use your ironing board. Freezer paper is waxy on one side. Trace your pattern onto the other side and then place it wax side down onto your fabric and iron. It peels off easily when your done.


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