Monday, July 12, 2010

Shirred Cover Ups

A few weeks ago, Dana at MADE posted a tutorial for an adult sized cover up made by shirring a towel.  I loved this idea and thought that I would like to scale it down a bit to make some for my girls.  Then a few days ago, Christine at From an Igloo posted a tutorial for a child’s size version.  Thanks Ladies!  My girls had a pool party to attend so I was excited to make up a couple of these for them.  Since I finally had the shirring thing figured out (see previous post)  it was pretty easy!  I wont go through the steps as they are so clearly laid out in these  two tutorials.  The only change that I  made was that I had to cut my straps 4 inches wide instead of 3.  It was just too hard to turn them right side out with the smaller width.  Be sure to go check out these tutorial and give this a try.  My girls love them!

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